Blogline of the Day – On the news that MLB told the Cleveland Indians to drop their logo, Chief Wahoo

“Trump’s going to suggest Elizabeth Warren be the new Cleveland mascot isn’t he?”

Indians Chief Wahoo

Frankly, if I had to choose between Fauxcahauntus and Wahoo, I’d go with the latter. To the other point, how many customers does the MLB (“that MLB commissioner Rob Manfred pressured Indians chair Paul Dolan into making the change“) think it will add to the viewership by pandering to the Political Correctness crowd of unknown quantity (but are just loud) versus ticking off true fans that like the logo?  Did they even BOTHER to look at the NFL’s bombing viewership and empty seats as they toddled down the PC primrose path ($30M in ad revenue alone)?

Look, I don’t watch baseball – to me, it is very boring and drawn out so this doesn’t affect my viewership at all. But that line would be perfect for Trump to toss off during the State of the Union speech tomorrow.  Which, I’ll be sharing my thoughts at GAB.

(H/T: Instapundit)