I still don’t get the Progressive’s “toxic masculinity” but I do like Watter’s treatment of it

EPIC trolling by Fox News’ Jesse Watters on this topic by having a Ph.D candidate, Anne DeLessio-Parson, who maintains that eating meat is  perpetuating “toxic masculinity”.  Best as I can tell from reading the blogosphere, that’s basically third wave militant feminists doing more man hating and hating the fact they haven’t feminized men to act they way they want (er, subservient). Yeah, sure – I suppose that the Eldest serving in Iraq in the Marines and the Youngest with the 101st in Afghanistan would be prime targets of these self-deluded full of themselves “speakers of twaddle”.

Anyways, you gotta love how Watters handles the entire interview:

Oh yeah, she’s a vegan – and ran away from Watter’s question of how does meat eating do this.  That’s a first order action by a nitwit who knows that the jig is up.  What is most dangerous, however, is that 

she truly believes, as a true Progressive, that EVERYTHING we do is political.  Get that?  Everything is an expression of one’s politics and worldview and they can and will judge you for it even if all you want to do is just have a nice meal. This has become almost a universal mantra on the Left.  I do wonder, however, what ever happened to their previous mantra of “don’t be judgemental”, but only a little.  Why?

Both are used equally well to push their ideology; the first in deflecting the deliberate behavior that violates traditional mores and the second to berate you for not joining in that point of view.  In using one or the other, the message is clear:

We aren’t going to allow you Normals to keep your traditions and cling to your outdated sense of moralities.  WE are going to tell you what to do and believe.

Yeah, sure thing, sport. Shall we talk about what you have wrought with this sexual deviancy and harassment avalanche in Hollywood, the media, and in politics where the vast majority of the abusers have been of the Progressive persuasion and oft part of the Preachers of Progressivism pack.  Tell me, which is better – what you’ve been pitching the last six decades (and now we are seeing the results of it) or the Pence Rule?

A question: TMEW and I have a favorite restaurant to go to when we wish to celebrate something and we both order Prime Rib.  Does that mean she is full of toxic masculinity as well?