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Is San Francisco Challenging Portsmouth on Sea Level Fraud?

Bay Area Sea Level same for 80 years
Bay Area Sea Level same for 80 years

If you missed out, I’ve written a few stories about Portsmouth, New Hampshire falling prey to Ideological stake-holder sea-level rise” scams. Well, San Francisco doesn’t want to get left behind.

The Bay Area will soon be a laboratory that tests how urban regions can prepare for the likelihood of sea level rise.

That’s the aim of a $5.8 million design competition being announced this week that will select 10 multidisciplinary teams and assign each a different bayside setting. Each team will have $250,000 to work with and is expected to come up with a proposal that not only looks good but can become reality and has the support of the community where it is located.

The only problem? Just like Portsmouth, they are spending millions to solve a problem that doesn’t exist. 

If you look at the graph above you can see for yourself. Sea-level has gone up and down over the past 80 years, but the trend is flat. San Francisco is in no more “danger’ today than it was in 1940.

The changes you do see have nothing to do with your SUV, or coal, or oil, or Republicans, or the TEA Party. It’s Nature. And NOAA agrees with me.

The interannual variation for many Pacific stations is closely related to the El Niño Southern Oscillation (ENSO).

Variations are the result of natural forces no different than those that put most of North America under water during the Cretaceous.

But nature has never been a barrier to the Climate Cult narrative. Failed predictions are the leading export of “experts” in the environmental movement. The second biggest export is doubling down on failed predictions encompassing a list of impacts so comprehensive as to unmask their true intentions.

Socialists need the government to have command and control of everything. Their false utopia is not possible without it. The endless global war against climate just happens to invest these experts with interest in everything.

That’s no accident.

The climate cult is using fearmongering about the weather to establish their global ummah. A secular superstate the Left controls. It is a world overseen by progressive gods looking down from their distant Mount Olympus.

They’ll do or say anything to get there from here.

Meanwhile, back in San Francisco, sea level rose an average of 1.94mm per year over the past century, but little to none of that has occurred in the past 30 years. (Alameda’s catastrophic “rise” across the bay is half San Francisco’s with a downward average trend since 1940.)

If I were one of those clever folk on the Climate Cult payroll, I’d include a graph of the data since the late 90’s that would make it look as if Bay Area sea level was on a gradual decades-long sea level decline. Or, I could just include NOAA’s interannual 5-month sea level average from 1990 to 2016.

NOAA Bay Area Sea Level

San Francisco is spending another $5.6 million in anticipation of nothing. Portsmouth New Hampshire is looking to spend $10 million for less than nothing.

Maybe that’s part of the reason why they keep losing elections everywhere they don’t already have a stranglehold on power?