The Ten Commandments of the Apocalyptic Climate Cult - Granite Grok

The Ten Commandments of the Apocalyptic Climate Cult


Climate Change is an apocalyptic world cult with those in power using the force of law to enrich the cult at the expense of everyone else. As proof of this, I submit for your consideration, a list of ten commandments, all of which have been demonstrated as accurate thinking by Cult members and their Church leaders.

1) The Cult’s tenets cannot be disproved.
2) Only the State as Church can redeem us.
3) Participation is not optional. Confiscatory tithing is mandatory.
4) Climate cult texts, idols, and all forms of worship will be tolerated in all places public and private,
5) All citizens will perform “regulatory penance.”
6) Failed prophesies are not evidence of illegitimacy.
7) Revered texts may be “reinterpreted” by Cult Clerics (see also: experts) at any time to ensure that the ‘evidence’ reinforces the belief system.
8) If you refuse to accept cult doctrine you are a denier.
9) Deniers may be pilloried in public, excommunicated from any scientific or professional community, may not in any number represent a consensus, must repent to be cleansed of their sin or take a vow of silence.
10) Deniers may be charged by the State with crimes against the Faith.


I tried to get the point across in as few words as possible but it is clear that this is scientism interpreting weather as a tool of indoctrination and obedience.

You can probably think of others, or may be able to add to these; Big Oil is the Devil and deniers sign away their souls in exchange for wordly gifts – which is amusing because Climate Clerics only get to keep their funding if they preach the proper cult dogma.

Finally, what is truly revealing here is that the left uses this formula for everything they preach. Replace “climate” with any other left-wing priority (cult) and you can crank out a nearly identical set of commandments, one for every progressive worldview.