Obama Keeps Birth and Religion Questions Alive to Slander Criticism

Barack Obama and his defenders incorrectly suggest a racial motive to questions about whether Barack Obama meets the Constitutional requirements to be President and about his religion.  Some suggest that such questions have never been raised about any other Presidential candidate and are only raised about Obama because he is black.  This lie has been repeated long enough.

Questions were raised about the births and Constitutional qualifications of the two previous Republican Presidential nominees, Mitt Romney and Senator John McCain, and about Ted Cruz during this last primary.  The Constitutional requirements are critically important; they were the founders’ attempt to ensure that the President’s only loyalty is to our country and the American people.

The original “Obama birther” is Barack Obama himself.  For more than ten years, for his personal benefit, Obama let stand his publicist’s claim that he was born in Kenya.

During the 2008 primary, Hillary Clinton’s supporters raised the birther question.  Obama could have produced his birth certificate quickly to settle the question, as Mitt Romney did (goo.gl/whhtEI).  Michelle Obama kept the question alive by referring to Kenya as Barack’s home country.  Obama’s maternal grandmother and some siblings claim to have attended his birth in Kenya.  Obama and his family kept this question alive for years.

Is Obama a Muslim?  We can’t know another person’s heart so I accept Obama’s claim to be a Christian, but his statements and actions, like those of the Westboro Baptist Church, raise questions about his/their kind of Christianity.  President Obama has repeatedly criticized and apologized for Christianity while praising Islam and its followers.  Obama refuses to identify as Muslims the terrorists who claim to be Muslim and shout “Allahu Akbar!” while killing innocent people.  Obama’s actions helped radical Muslims increase their power in Egypt, Libya, Syria, Iraq, and Iran (even funding the world’s leading state sponsor of terrorism and helping their ICBM and nuclear weapon efforts).

But Obama refused to help moderate Muslims who tried to overthrow the radical and oppressive Muslim regime in Iran.  President Obama even refused to respond meaningfully, despite intelligence warnings, before ISIS grew into a cruel and powerful, world-wide killing, raping, and enslaving force.

Perhaps most revealing is his unconscious mention of “my Muslim faith” in an interview with George Stephanopoulos.  How does someone make such a misstatement?

President Obama seems to keep these questions alive as examples of supposed racism for use to deflect legitimate criticism of his corrupt administration which has failed the American people; he has made America weaker, our enemies stronger, the world more dangerous, our citizens divided, and, except for the rich, the American people poorer.