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OFA Arrogance With a Touch Of Highway Robbery

Obama Facism
Something they SHOULD be selling at the OFA store but are not…

The Obama Store ( a website that unlike the Obamacare site works quite well) is having a 40% off sale.  If only they’d try that with the Federal budget we’d be getting somewhere…

Showcased front page items include an ‘Organizer in Training’ onesie for $17.50. Shouldn’t that read “Lucky to be alive?”

Or how about, “Thanks for all the debt OFA-holes?”  (I didn’t see any Obama branded RU486 but I confess…I did not look that long.)

A Gerber brand 4-pack of onesies, by the way, is under $8.00 in the real world. Or, you can pay $70.00 in Obamastan.

A ‘Vintage Tee’ is also featured, which is an Obama Logo shirt with a washed out look.  That will only cost you $18.00.   Art stores sell the same shirt for 3.00 without the crap on it but I was actually wondering how something pictured on a shirt that is roughly 6 years old could be vintage?

Is what Iraq is ‘experiencing?’ Some vintage Obama?

Maybe the OFA-holes should grab these 40% steals while ‘supplies last’?  They can give the shirts to those poor illegal immigrants Dear Leader is about to Amnesty by executive order.  Save time, and wear them out while you are registering illegals to vote. (natch!)

No.  I get it.  It appears vintage because you made it look old.  Real vintage Obama shirts, (post, how come we never had that environmental apocalypse you spent trillions of our Dollars on), will be unrecognizable grease rags at the Chevy Volt junkyard behind Solyndra (where they hid Lois Lerner’s hard drive)  just past the foam columns.  Keep walking, it is waaaaayyyyyyy down on the left.

  • It just occurred to me that OFA would be a lot more comfortable with an ‘S’ in front of it.
  • The OFA store is a data collection point for the Democrat machine, by the way, and yes, they ask for political donations.
  • In an unrelated  note, as in not worth its own post, the DSCC keeps sending out emails from “Julia.”  That’s just creepy.