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The Stalinist Idea Behind HB135 – The Effort to Repeal Stand Your Ground

I pulled this opening line from a very interesting article by Steven Hayward at Powerline because it reminds us where the lefts hatred for the right of self defense actually comes from, even if they themselves do not know it.

If memory serves, Irving Kristol once remarked that the term “peace,” as it was used by the left, “is a Stalinist concept,” since the intent of the so-called “peace movement” was the unilateral disarmament of the West and the triumph of Communism.

On the big stage Mr. Obama is doing a fine job of advancing that very-communist goal of undermining the US military from within but it occurred to me that the same ideological inheritance that encourages the Obama administration’s effort to put the US military into therapy is equally rich with a “peace movement” mentality which the average street-level apparatchik deploys (at the direction of their professional left-wing betters) against the second amendment.

If the US military is evil and a barrier to “peace” (remember this is ‘peace” as a Stalinist concept designed to allow a state power to triumph over the traditional prosperous liberty-focused Republic) then the existence of the second amendment as a personal right to keep and bear arms must be destroyed at all cost.

There can be no conquest of the body, mind, and spirit (rights,labor or property) as long as anyone believes themselves entitled to anything without a by-your-leave from the government.  But the second amendment defer to the citizen an inalienable right to defend themselves from that very thing; from the single biggest historical threat to their lives, their labors, and the expression of those things, as the right to exchange them freely for property; a state so powerful that it can give itself a reason to deny you life, liberty, and property at its own convenience, under the cover of laws it has written for that purpose, or without laws at all–as we’ve seen so recently with scandalous acts of intimidation against any potential political opponent.

If you do not stand against such things then you stand for tyranny (tyranny managed by your “side,” with your approval simply suggests some future benefit to you at the expense of others).  And the professional left in New Hampshire has sided with the idea of tyranny, with some help from a few Republicans I might add.

And this is actually quite amusing if you consider how much time and effort Suckley (Sullivan and Buckley) have expended here in New Hampshire to hang every act of any political opponent around the necks of every single Republican who does not disown them.  How they have labeled the small-government favoring tea party as extremist and tried to hang that around the necks of every Republican as well.   While they engage in a domestic propaganda-campaign against the people of New Hampshire, to deny them their right to self defense by parading before them out of state victims of failed anti-gun policies to intimidate our elected officials to embrace those same failed policies for New Hampshire.

The State Democrat party has whored itself out completely to the Stalinist purpose of convincing you (us) that your government can and will give you “peace” if you will just lay down your right to self defense, as they continue ad nauseum to unload clown-cars filled with marionettes and mountebanks plying their deceptions and salves as the final answer to the question–“how do we achieve domestic tranquility?”

Should we not exchange favors with the left and hang the Stalinist placard about the neck of every Democrat who breathes New Hampshire air?

Please, Ms. or Mr. Democrat, explain your embrace of this Stalinist baby-step.   Show us where your ideas have actually worked?  Publish the names of places with restrictive gun laws along with the crime statists next to the name of every New Hampshire legislator who supported HB135 or went on the record Post-Newtown in favor of laws that didn’t work.  And ask them why they want to enforce failed policies here, either through state government or by using outside pressure on Senator Kelly Ayotte.

History is on our side.

Law abiding citizens armed and trained to defend themselves and others have proven time and again to be the single biggest deterrent to burglary, robbery, rape, assault, and murder.  But the Stalinist ideological Muppet’s will never breathe a word of that because it fortifies the true purpose of the second amendment; to ensure that the entirety of the nation can at any time it chooses, act as a trained and armed citizen militia, not to replace the police force nor the military, but to defend the ideas of a constitutional republic against its domestic enemies for ourselves and our posterity.

HB135, currently languishing in legislative stasis, perhaps as a bargaining chip or a hostage for trade with “the other side” represents an assault on second amendment rights when it forces law abiding citizens to decide in a split-second whether or not they have–at that moment–the right to defend themselves or their friends and family from law breakers, under the threat of legal action should they choose incorrectly.

HB135 is an act of intimidation.  It presumes that you may not choose correctly and punishes you when you do.  So its underlying purpose is to codify inaction and assumes that inaction is a brighter path to “peace. ”  Not just inaction with a firearm but a pacifist approach that empowers criminals at the expense of those who follow the law.

All these laws do is create more victims.  They discourage lawful self defense and by extension give a reason to not own any weapon for self-defense in the first place.   Followed to its logical conclusion it is the Stalinist pursuit of “peace” through disarmament.  The goal is to make you completely dependent on the state, incapable of action against anything or anyone–the government in particular; a goal which as we’ve seen historically results in anything but peace and tranquility.