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Stupid People

“We are all born ignorant, but one must work hard to remain stupid.”   Benjamin Franklin

Stupid PeopleFor the life of me, I could not find anything in the U.S. Press about this. Plenty in the foreign presses, but nothing in the States…What is This? Protesters outside the Czech Republic in Washington DC protesting the Boston Marathon Pressure Cooker Bombers.  Enter the #LowInformationVoter.

Two totally different places…nations….and cultures….and the stupid people cannot get it right. Amidst a flood of derisive tweets and facebook posts, the Czech Ambassador was forced to make a very formal statement to distinguish itself from Chechnya.

Most likely these are the same group of people who angrily responded that OBAMA WAS BORN HERE! HE IS AN AMERICAN CITIZEN!” when faced with signs that read, “Obama? Keynesian?”

I bet many of those folks don’t eat meat because they are, “veterinarians.” or They think Jersey Shore and Snooky are “how to” shows on how to live. Oh well, I am not even certain I can capture how dumb this really is….Perhaps the Socialist in Chief can create a line item in the national budget for bright red hockey helmets and short yellow buses.  And somehow our education system is improving? Just ask a teacher.