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Say Hello to the Happy Train

Happy Train

Rick reported the news yesterday of the likely demise of HB 135 (2013)– Deputy Dawg Stephen Shurtleff’s  repeal of stand your ground for me but not for he.

Most of us had an inkling of this last week, and I’m not about to go on about that or the bill’s demise because Rick has more to add (or just scroll down or jump to the previous post).   I just wanted an excuse to post this picture into the Grok Media Library.

When I saw it I immediately thought of the left wing anti-gun zealots who were ecstatic to have another opportunity to chip away at harmless newly won freedoms simply because they can’t allow common sense and real world statistics to interfere with their zombie-like mindless pursuit of their own empty rhetoric.

Oh yeah.  Them and a handful of (r)epublicans.

Happy Train!