Police take sides in Tilton meeting. EVERYONE TO FITZWILLIAM TOMORROW NIGHT! - Granite Grok

Police take sides in Tilton meeting. EVERYONE TO FITZWILLIAM TOMORROW NIGHT!

This just in from a liberty & freedom activist who attended the Tilton meeting set up for regressives to attack Kelly Ayotte last night: I just attended the Ayotte Town Hall Meeting in Tilton this evening with some fellow patriots to counter the constitution-burning, left-wing “progressives” who showed up to…

…complain about Sen. Ayotte’s support of the Second Amendment in voting against the Toomey-Manchin bill.
We were told at the door by a police officer that no signs were allowed in the auditorium. We complied and played by the rules. However, the left-wing radicals were allowed to display two signs while in the auditorium, one disparaging Ayotte and the other a pro-gun-control slogan, AND NOTHING WAS DONE ABOUT IT. These signs were not far from Ayotte, so the media could film and exploit them for their usual purposes. Jeb Bradley moderated and said nothing.
Recommend an ALL POINTS BULLETIN on GraniteGrok on this: The next time this happens at these meetings and they violate established rules or show favoritism we IMMEDIATELY call a POINT OF ORDER and get the situation corrected. Either NO ONE brings in signs, or ALL OF US do. And if they try to ignore us, we make noise…lots of it. This is critical, as the mainstream media will grandstand this for all it is worth and we must insist these left-wingers live by the same rules as everyone else.

Point taken, friend: I generally disapprove of challenging cops, causing disruption, or breaking the law for no reason, but this is one situation where civil disobedience is justified. There’s NO FAVORITISM UNDER THE LAW (even if regressives want it for themselves), and the police who allowed this disgrace should be disciplined.

Here’s what another activist present in Tilton last night had to say about it: I was also there. It was identical to tactics found in Congress when disturbances are initiated and the “guests” carefully unfold their signs and then stand, some shouting (although that did not occur in Tilton). Given that the next Town Hall meeting will be held on Thursday [May 2, 2013] in Fitzwilliam, I plan to attend to attend that one also, if only to defy the regressive left!  And I suggest that law-enforcement personnel, who were at the Tilton meeting in force, instruct the leftists to remove their signs too if ours are prohibited. Left-wing tactics like these must not be tolerated, or I and others may have to unfurl our own Gadsden Flags in order to maintain balance (if the lefties don’t need to obey the rules, why should the rest of us?).

I agree with both of the activists above. It’s nothing less than an outrage that the police prohibited pro-Ayotte signs at the Tilton meeting, but let the regressives show THEIR signs! That cannot be allowed to happen again, and if it takes noise and disruption—to paraphrase Ronald Reagan—then let’s get on with it.