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I’m not crazy…my mother had me tested.

But Representative Abrami thinks I am paranoid because I oppose SB 11; however, I may be just crazy enough to believe I own the water on my property.

Sadly, it seems that the NH Department of Environmental Services says “No”.  If that doesn’t give you pause, then go to the former Governor John Lynch’s website and read the final report of the Water Sustainability Commission.   Pay particular attention to the comments contained in this attachment though I would urge you to read all of the documents.  Folks, I fear the fix is in; it seems we may have met the enemy and he is us.

Might still be worth asking before the vote on Wednesday in the full House of Representatives if Representative Abrami (and even Senator Stiles) believes the State of New Hampshire or we own the water on OUR property?

All your water are belong to us!
All your water are belong to us!