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Common Core: Upcoming Presentation!

“Ann Marie Banfield and Doris Hohensee promote the upcoming May 28th Manchester School Board meeting held in Manchester City Hall at 7 pm for people to get a better idea of what Common Core education is all about.”

Common Core is the “new” educational standard that was funded by the Bill Gates Foundation and which the Obama Administration is pushing as THE national standard for our kids.  Yeah, I have problems with a top-down mandate by the Feds (always with the free-money-with-strings-attached) trying to supplant what should be decided at the local level (go ahead, find out what your local “Curriculum Coordinator” is making, too). Yeah, I have issues with it – but go to the meeting and ask about math, science,  American History, and Civics and what Common Core portends for the future.

(H/T: Kevin)