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Are NH Democrats just Making Stuff Up about Background Checks?

There are more lies about background checks coming from the New Hampshire Democrat Party than truths and no polling can possibly explain the disparity unless the polls are flawed, skewed, or just made up.

Ninety percent of New Hampshire citizens cannot possibly be in favor of  Manchin Toomey background checks when less than 90% of all Democrats are willing to push the meme themselves.  And given that 100% of Democrats don’t agree with the narrative this makes the math required to justify the number impossible.

Since registered Democrats don’t even make up one-third of New Hampshire voters, are we meant to assume that more than 90% of Republicans, independents and undecided are actually in favor of enhancing background checks beyond the current regime?  That sounds absurd.  So the polling language and/or sample was probably intentionally skewed to get the desired result or is being spun to make it appear as if the positive responses are demonstrative, not of background checks that almost everyone accepts or agrees to now and is currently subject to already, but that those polling yea’s were meant for the Toomey Manchin amendment, which is spurious at best.

To get a straight forward explination on the very thing our own NH-CD 1 congressperson Carol Shea-Porter  claims does not exist (but does) take a few minutes to listen to the conversation we had on GrokTALK! yesterday with Rick Olson about background checks.  It is a very brief exchange but it visits a few real world truths about gun shows and Internet sales, as well as the lefts ass-troturf circus last week at Senator Ayotte’s town halls.

Listen here…

Or download this snippet here

You can choose to disbelieve the realities about background checks if you want, and I’m fine with that as long as you then insist that your New Hampshire Democrat representatives run on those lies in 2014 since they claim their narrative is such a winner in New Hampshire: I repeat my suggestion/challenge made here;

Can we expect every Democrat in the state at every level run for reelection on this issue?  Will every New Hampshire Democrat running for office in 2014 put background checks at the top of every palm cards, flier, mailer, and campaign web-site?

If New Hampshire citizens are behind this idea to the degree that New Hampshire Democrats claim, (just ask them, ‘everyone is talking about it’), then you’ll be running strongly on this issue, in all 400 house races, and all 24 state Senate races, the Governor’s race, plus the US Senate and Congressional races?

We’ll keep asking why they wont or don’t because we know the truth.

The reality is that the poll numbers are fabricated to support a false premise based on an exaggeration of an outright lie.   The support they claim does not exist and any legitimacy anyone might have is being rapidly eroded by the professional lefts hi-jinks in New Hampshire.

Even Erica Lafferty, whose mother was killed at Sandy Hook, used a lie in the form of a false or misleading written question so that she could then confront Senator Ayotte to perform for the media, in advance of the Democrats Bloomberg funded, planned political attack campaign against a Senator who refused to pander to a false premise.  (So the answer to the question asked here was, yes.)

We already know she and other out-of-staters snuck into a New Hampshire event.  So was she told to lie by the profession left here in New Hampshire or by the asstro-turf out of state interests who are behind it?  Are they just using her as a prop to be discarded once she is no longer useful to their cause?

Whether we agree or not Ms. Lafferty should ask herself and those around her how her stated goals are served in this manner? How is it possible that you can do ‘right” through obvious lies and deceptions?  And the Democrats behind her who are undoubtedly responsible for this should be ashamed of themselves.

Don’t worry. The professional left wont be ashamed.  They never are.  Just look at Congressperson Carol Shea Porter, who represents half of the 1.03 million people in the Granite state, and yet has no clue that you have to submit to a background check if you buy a gun from a dealer at a gun show in her own state.  Third trip to serve in the House and all she knows is what leadership tells here.  She ought to be ashamed, or at least embarrassed, but there’s no room in the narrative for that.  No time to be right.  Just keep on lying whether you know you are or not.

So a big heads up to the rank and file Democrats, including the ones who are not toeing the party line.  You might want to rein in those moon-bats before they make the rest of you look as stupid as they are.


**There is also this post from Rick–which is relevant, and one by me that shows less than 50% support nationally.