A New Hampshire Democrat Accounting Trick – Explained

In years past the New Hampshire Democrats have taken to all kinds of foolish ideas to hide the truth about their blinkered incompetence when it comes to managing other peoples money.  Here is but one example to give you some perspective.

Let’s say my wife and I ran our budget like New Hampshire Democrats and we need…an extra $500.00.  So I take our couch, and sell it to my wife for $500.00.  She writes a check from our checking account and I put it in our savings account.  According to the New Hampshire Democrat rules for accounting, revenue, and budgets, my wife and I now have $500.00 more to spend.

Move the decimal to the right, rinse, lather, repeat if necessary.  They have done it before.  If they need to, they will try to do it again.

You have been warned.