The Second Amendment in China. (WHAAT?) - Granite Grok

The Second Amendment in China. (WHAAT?)

This is about the third guy over on the right....
This is about the third guy over on the right….

This just in from the BBC. It happened days ago in Xinjiang province, China, where “officials described as community workers searched homes for weapons.”

What happened? It started when “three officials were killed as they were investigating reports of suspicious individuals at the home of a local resident.” And then…

…”unarmed police arrived to investigate and were attacked,” whereupon “nine police officers were cornered in a house which was then set on fire.”


Overall, 21 people were killed, 15 of which were local police and government officials.

Is there a lesson in all this?

Well, the clashes apparently involved ethnic and/or religious differences (China’s Xinjiang provice is 45% ethnic Uighur and Muslim, while the slight majority is Han Chinese and non-Muslim; you can read the entire BBC Report HERE.) But the larger message may transcend both ethnicity and religion; it may just be that it’s not a good idea to send government agents door-to-door invading people’s homes looking for implements of self-defense.

On the other hand, there’s no 2nd Amendment in China, so for socialists and other statists, China has really great gun control laws, and anyone with a gun in their home was thus probably breaking the law…..

But still….

The inherent and natural right to self-defense is either real, individual, inalienable, and God-given…or it’s not.

So which is it?

What do you think?