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Research Opportunity for Todd I. Selig?

Durham Town Administrator Todd I. Selig, according to this report, is in lock-down at Harvard.    He’s supposed to be there for an executive course in negotiations but perhaps this will afford him the opportunity to ‘research’ his next editorial? (see here, here, here, here, and/or here.)

Remarking on his purpose for being at Harvard, and the lock-down,  Selig said…

“Negotiation isn’t only asserting one’s position, but also the skill of de-escalating conflict and these types of terrorist actions are just the antithesis of what we’re trying to accomplish through active negotiation,” Selig said. “Clearly in this case, the people responsible, for whatever reason, were not interested in negotiation, they were interested in harmful action and it was just so unfortunate,” Selig said.

While it is still unclear what motivated the Marathon bombers, or if they are even working as terrorists for some larger cause, it might come as a surprise to Mr. Selig and many of his fellow travelers that for years, decades even, the leaders of the most prominent forces in global terror, Muslim extremists, have repeatedly made it perfectly clear what they want from us. They are willing to allow us to accept dhimmitude, to be slaves to the Islamic state with no rights, or to die.  Those are our options.

Negotiation for them is simply a way to yank our chain, waste our time, get some press, and plan our destruction.  I’d have thought a “smart guy” like Selig–or his Harvard instructors–would have known that.