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Millionaire Elizabeth Warren’s Brother Barely Gets By On Social Security

I get emails with transcripts to the Rush Limbaugh show which I rarely look at but this caught my eye.  Obama’s budget, the White House Budget, is using something called chained CPI, and Democrat Senator Elizabeth Warren is upset about that.  She is upset because it could result in her brother getting less in Social Security from the government, which he relies on to live.

Senator Warren has a net worth of over 14 million dollars and she’s upset because Obama’s budget gimmick might cut into the $13,200.00 per year her brother has to get by on.  Compassionate Democrat Millionaire Senator, brother lives on $13,200 from taxpayers.

Here’s what Rush had to say.


“Warren said her brother David lives on the $13,200 per year he receives in Social Security benefits. ‘I can almost guarantee that you know someone — a family member, friend, or neighbor — who counts on Social Security checks to get by,’ she wrote.”

“Today my brother lives on his Social Security. That’s about $1,100 a month. $13,200 a year.” Now, Elizabeth Warren’s net worth is $14.5 million, her brother lives on $13,000 from Social Security, and she’s up bellyaching about the chained CPI because of the limits in the increase in benefits her brother and other Social Security recipients are gonna get. Her brother lives on $13,000 a year. She has millions of dollars. Now, are families not supposed to help each other anymore?

This is totally the government’s job, and what that means is that Mrs. Warren says that you need to pay for her brother? Because where does the government get its money? It gets it from us. So you ought to pay for her brother! She’s not gonna help her brother. Obama doesn’t help his brother, who lives in a hut in Kenya.

What the…