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House Bill 135: Representative Jan Schmidt Thinks People Don’t Understand

“It takes a lot of things to prove you are smart, but only one thing to prove you are ignorant.” —Don Herold

Rep. Jan Schmidt (D) Nashua -Hills 27
Rep. Jan Schmidt (D) Nashua -Hills 27

On Wednesday, March 27 Representative Janice Schmidt (D) Hillsborough 27 – Nashua took to the Londonderry Patch with her local voices entry entitled, HB 135: I Don’t Think It Means What You Think It Means.  Representative Schmidt begins her entry with a supposed letter from a person who is concerned about the lack of ability to defends ones’ self within ones home…

“I would like to express my intense desire to see you vote against HB135.  I am often alone with my children in a rural area of the state and I know I am my children’s first line of defense against an intruder.  I need to know I can defend my family in my home, or in my yard without the fear of arrest because I didn’t retreat before my attempts to defend.”

Jan correctly points out that this issue is not germane to HB 135.   For the readers, let us be clear, “Castle Doctrine” has never been the topic for HB 135.  This is “Stand Your Ground.” Essentially, the law allows any person who has a lawful right to be where he or she is, to use the amount of force necessary to terminate the actions of an attack, versus taking flight. Thus Jan, points a bony finger and asks. “I’d love to know who is telling people that the NH Legislature is trying to strip them of their rights?”  That is an easy one, Jan. You and your liberal ilk, that’s who.  The majority of liberal legislators don’t know Castle Doctrine from Stand Your Ground.

Jan Schmidt is yet another of the many legislators in their history of service to proclaim, “You don’t understand the bill.” Another high-falutin smartest person in the room to tell us all we “no comprende.” So what is it about Concord? Is there a secret room where some go to drink of a special Kool-Aid that makes them suddenly smart and discerning?

We’ve written in detail here at the Grok about  SYG. And we understand the bill. Jan does not, but we certainly do. We’ve commented on the misrepresentations, the confabulations and the outright bald-faced lies on the bill.

Snake oil. First, Schmidt accuses the bill as being the work of the National Rifle Association. New Hampshire has one of the highest per capita NRA memberships in the country. They provided support on the bill and it was accepted, just like Freedom to Marry, Planned Parenthood, Move-on and other liberal progressive organizations have done for their liberal progressive issues.  So Jan is here to tell us when George Soros funds New Hampshire Legislative endeavors, it is okay, Just not when the NRA does it.

Second, Jan gives examples…extreme examples of other states, but not New Hampshire, where the results have been disastrous. Finally she tells us, “If passed and enacted, it will serve us all better.” But she fails to tell us how so. Jan writes, “So now imagine two drug dealers in a shoot out, can the killer claim Stand Your Ground? Is this a good law for NH?” Remember those very words from our Attorney General Michael Delaney?

So here are the questions….AGAIN…that the liberals who support this bill will not answer. First, What if the fact patterns shows the incident use of force is, too close to call? The prosecutor simply cannot decide if the person could have retreated safely or if the use of force was appropriate? What if I cannot run as fast as my attacker? Who decides that? before? or after the fact?

Lastly, this bill has been turned into a quasi-gun bill. but the fact is it is not. It is purely and exclusively about use of force. while guns are a deadly use of force, so is a ball bat, a club, or a brick.

Finally there is the question of freedom of movement. Why do citizens have to stay in or avoid certain places because the criminal element dominates them? Why can I not walk my dog down the street after 9:00 PM because the neighborhood is notorious for crime?

Janice Schmidt is not ready for prime time. She knows nothing about what she writes, but pretends to. This frumpy marm that looks akin to a kichy shop keeper where one might buy incense, crystals,herbes and assorted wiccan fare, shows us her thin skin as well.  She wrote in her Nahua Patch campaign blurb,

I’m running to help restore the civility and focus the State House must maintain so that, instead of being fodder for nationwide mockery, our state’s government can once again function for the good of it’s citizens.

“Help restore the civility…” Yet check out Janice’s responses to all the comments on her entry. Nothing new to see here, folks, just another Kool-Aid Slurping Liberal towing the party line.