Did WMUR Spike A Story About A NH Democrat In 'Hot Water?' - Granite Grok

Did WMUR Spike A Story About A NH Democrat In ‘Hot Water?’

I was cruising my news-reader and came across this story from WMUR, News 9 Manchester NH.

2 NH Reps in Controversy

Not long after that, (within the same hour) only slightly later chronologically in the news feed, we see this content posted by WMUR…

State Rep criticized for bombing comments

When you try to link to the first story, about both a Republican and a Democrat in hot water…that story no longer exists.  It was spiked.  All we have left are Stella and the fingerprints from a story about some Democrat we can no longer find.

Google- 2 NH reps

Google cached it. Reader cached it.  And now it is gone.

So the question I have, is…what did the Democrat New Hampshire House Rep do to get themselves in hot water, and what did someone else do to WMUR to get that story deleted–with a re-write shortly after that focuses on the Republican House rep?

Nothing in the Tremblay story, by the way, about the missing Democrat in hot water.  (They weren’t in there anywhere near long enough to melt so what happened?)

We know all about Stella Tremblay.  Her ‘story’ is still right there on the WMUR Politics page.  (I mentioned it this morning, by the way, though I referenced the HuffPo article instead.  WMUR is tewwibly sensitive and I didn’t whant to shtep on thew whittle tooties.)  But nothing about a Democrat.

So…what happened with the Democrat?

What was the controversy?  What hot water?

Where’d the news go?