Blogline of the Day - on HB 135 (Deputy Dawg's repeal of Stand Your Ground) - Granite Grok

Blogline of the Day – on HB 135 (Deputy Dawg’s repeal of Stand Your Ground)

From the reporting on the NH Senate hearing on Shurtleff’s repeal of Stand Your Ground (who is exempt from his own law) (emphasis mine):

Earl Kolb, 32, of Salem, said the repeal proposal was written with only public safety in mind.

As someone who uses a wheelchair, he urged lawmakers to consider those for whom retreat is not a simple option.

“Part of the problem with this bill is that it only looks through the eyes of the collective, not the individual. We need to look at what’s best for the individual because everybody’s situation is different,” he said.

Mr. Kolb is right – Democrats seemingly have blinders on when it comes their actions when a decision of promoting the Collective over the Individual.  Individual Choice is fine by Democrats – but only within the lines they set.  Sadly, too many Republicans over the years, have followed suit (albeit, a few to many steps behind, but still playing the Progressives’ game of Follow the Leader).

Mr. Kolb is right – this Democrat bill is illustrative in that it only sees The Collective – hardly ever the Individual (all words said, to the contrary – ask the parents of the kids who see that the Collective public education system does their kids no good, but are trapped by Democrats who are in thrall by a educational system meant for a time 130 years ago and in ownership by the teachers unions).