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I Think She’d Say Something like this, Harrell!

Yesterday morning hapless Harrell ‘Jersey Shore’ Kirstein (The New Hampshire Democrat Propaganda Minister) tweeted this.

harrell kirstein tweet poll

PPP is left leaning and always suspect, with a tendency to over-sample for favorable Democrat outcomes, but maybe HK was just looking for a silver lining seeing as the UNH Poll, albeit with a smaller sample, came out with some contradictory results he chose NOT to share.

New Hampshire’s junior senator, Republican Kelly Ayotte, has also seen her favorability rating largely unchanged since February. Currently, 50% of New Hampshire adults have a favorable opinion of Ayotte, 25% have an unfavorable opinion of her, 9% are neutral and 16% don’t know enough about her to say. Ayotte’s net favorability rating is +25%, up from +23% in February. Her net favorability remains high among Republicans at +74% and low among Democrats where it is at -21%. Her net favorability rating among Independents has also stayed steady at +38%.

Emphasis mine… because in the UNH poll she owns Republicans, and most importantly …with independents she is +38.  No point in sharing that, eh Harrell.  But while we’re ‘sharing, that UNH poll had some other important news that might be of even greater concern to Democrats like Kirstein, given that Ayotte is not facing re-election next year and New Hampshire’s two Democrat congress-critters are.

Karol Che Porter (Carol Shea-Porter)

Democrat Congresswoman Carol Shea Porter has seen a decline in her favorability ratings since being re-elected to Congress in November. Currently, 31% of 1st District adults have a favorable opinion of Shea-Porter, 32% have an unfavorable opinion,11% are neutral, and 26% don’t know enough about her to say. Her net favorability rating is at -1%, which remains the same since our last poll in February. She remains popular among Democrats (net +45%, down from +64% in February), but she is very unpopular among Republicans (net -45%) and unpopular among Independents (net -8%).

Carol Shea Porter under water


Ann McLane Kuster isn’t faring any better.

In New Hampshire’s Second Congressional District, newly elected Congresswoman Ann Kuster’s favorability ratings have also been declining since she was elected in November. Currently, 29% of 2nd District adults have a favorable opinion of Kuster, 30% have an unfavorable opinion, 8% are neutral, and 34% don’t know enough about her to say. Her net favorability rating is -1%, which has dropped from +9% in February. She remains popular among Democrats (net +43%), and very unpopular among Republicans (net -51%). She has lost ground among Independents where her net favorability rating has dropped to -12% from +9 in February.

Ann McLane Kuster  under water

It is worth noting, aside from the fact that these are more reliable ongoing polls with observable trends, were it not a Presidential election neither Kuster nor Che-porter would have likely won in 2012.  Even with the massive turnout their victories hinged not on popular preference but the absence of a protest vote against them.  Libertarians chose a third party if available or simply did not vote against the Democrat by voting for a Republican they were unwilling to support.

We should also accept that their tolerance and support for pointless anti-gun demagoging is probably what is tanking their numbers, a habit they do not appear likely to give up any time soon given that the people yanking their pull-strings are not apt to abandon that narrative, though it would be amusing to watch them try.

So to answer hapless Harrell’s question…I think that Chairman Jennifer Horn thinks that Harrell and the NHDP are looking for a piece of silver in a pile of donkey manure, but not in the right place.  And she might say, though I am not putting these words in her mouth, that Jeanne Shaheen, for reasons as yet not fully understood by many, is the only bright spot the professional Left has at the federal level in New Hampshire and no amount of poking Kelly Ayotte with your PP poll will help you hide the stench emanating from the rest.

note: After publishing, I changed the title.  Made more sense this way.