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Failure to launch – thanks to Liberals?

‘Grok friend DCE (aka Chan) runs Weekend Pundit and every late Sunday afternoon / evening, he has a long running feature called “Thoughts on a Sunday“.  Every Sunday (or Monday), it is a must read This week had a bit on the idea that Society, under Liberal guidance, is prolonging teen-age adolescence into the mid-twenties.  Which, when you look at the results of such coddling, is not good for families, not good for business, not good for these “Arrested Developers”, – and (note to guys caught up in this liberal “you don’t need to take up your responsibilities”) perspective mates are seeing it (emphasis mine):

At first I thought it was just incipient old fogeyism creeping up on me, but now I see that my observations about some members of the younger generation refusing to grow up were not unfounded.

When I look at BeezleBub, soon to be 19 years old, and compare him to others 5 or more years older than him, he comes out far ahead in regards to maturity, responsibility, and fiscal smarts. (This isn’t just a thoroughly biased dad speaking as I’ve heard that observation again and again from a lot of others. It might explain why some “older” women – those in their early to mid 20’s – find him so appealing: he’s a grown up.) While it’s true that he still lives here at The Manse, he pays his way including paying for his tuition and books when he’s attending college.

The extended or never-ending adolescence certainly isn’t helping our younger generation learn about coping with the adult issues the rest of us deal with every day. And whether they realize it or not, it also makes them less suitable as potential mates, the “hook-up” culture notwithstanding.

The authors point out that even young people who appear to be succeeding by conventional standards wake up in their mid-twenties clueless about how to find a job, manage money, cook, or live on their own. They are educated but unable to care for themselves. “Twenty-five is now becoming the new fifteen.”

There are a whole host of reasons why this is happening, but I can point a finger at one of the major contributors: the push to eliminate competition during childhood because it isn’t “politically correct” or because it doesn’t help build their self-esteem.

If I had to make a wild guess, I’d bet that most of those endless adolescents were raised by liberal parents.

which become their primary socializing influences” – as opposed to be integrating with, you know, real adults instead of their peers we can dub AINOs (Adults In Name Only).  For instance, Liberals were ecstatic when the first “fruits” of Obamacare was that adult children to age 26 now had to be covered by parental insurance policies.  I refused to do so.  I raised my kids to know and understand that once they hit 18, I would no longer consider them to be children.  Legally adults, able to sign contracts, vote, and all other things possible to adults – it was time to leave the nest.  I told them that if they went to college, I would help them as much as possible but the onus was on them to do more than just sit around and play video games and the like.  If not, time to get a job and start to support yourself and that meant being responsible for yourself.  Emergencies?  I’m there.

Otherwise, grow up.