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So How is The NH Democrats ‘New Civility’ Working Out?

So how is the New Hampshire  Democrats ‘New Civility’ Working Out?  Just ask Democrat Peter Sullivan…

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So the Democrat governor’s lackeys are writing down the names of reps who oppose her agenda.  Was that supposed to be part of that whole “New Civility” thing you lefties said you’d pile up on your donkeys and bring back to Concord if you won?

Doesn’t sound like it.  Sounds more like the same old left wing leadership thumb-screw politics we learned to ‘love’ back in the 2007-2010 era of Democrat ‘civility.’  You remember?  Back-benching people who wouldn’t fall in line.  Scaring them into staying home, not-voting, or running them out of the legislature.  Ignoring their suggesting and refusing to teach them anything.   Having to arm twist to get same sex marriage to pass after it failed in the Democrat majority House.  Oh yeah.   It’s OK, we remember.

They weren’t by any chance wearing jack-boots were they?

H/T Ed Mosca