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Guest Post by e.doG – “Gas Tax Lisping Fantasticos Just Give Me Gas” is our most prolific commenters here on the ‘Grok who I first “met” over at TreeHugger (the Greenie Statist Enviro site that I go over to poke a stick into once in a while) – and he followed me “home”.  Located somewhere in this Live Free or Die State that we adore, he’s stayed around and brought his unique wordsmithing styling to the “Grok (to which we say “Thank you”):

Gas Tax Lisping Fantasticos Just Give Me Gas

After reading the latest download from New Hamster’s Democratic Machine to boost the “revenues” of the Grate State on the backs of those who reside and drive within its jurisdictional domain, once again I became flushed with questions.  But lo and behold, where I first read this boiler-plate proclamation at NH Insider – written by the esteemed Over-Lord who manages the town of Durham with mad skill –  there was no place to inquire of the mighty bureaucrat.  Evidently, Todd I. Selig considered his propaganda so invincible – so flawless – that he turned the comment feature off.  (“By order of the Royal Pompous Asses (clear throat) To all naives: There shall be no questioning of duly processed authority figures.  Pay the Man, take your seats, and shut up.”)  Now there’s a loud, a proud, and unquestionably, a correct-thinkin’ apparatchik.  I-Toddius reigns supreme!

First, order of business, Todd’s contribution to the “conversation” is really just recycled points from the Campbell playbook.  Reading over the pol megaphone snewspaper reports, which is repeated elsewhere and often by others on The Team, I-Toddius provides nothing new but more prattling – likely to score brownie points and get invites to swanky Liberatti festivities.

But I dither and linger.  On to the substance!

“This additional revenue would be placed in a separate fund within the constitutionally protected highway fund to be used exclusively for the construction, reconstruction, and maintenance of state and municipal roads and bridges – investment that will equate to good jobs across New Hampshire, particularly within the construction, engineering, paving, and aggregate industries.”  “The increase would also fund an additional $8.5 million per year for municipal bridge and highway aid programs, fully fund the I-93 widening project …”

Hey Todd-o –

Would this be the same constitutionally “protected” fund that currently resides down at DOT? Seems that prophylactic might have a few holes in it ‘cuz is sure has spawned quite a few bastard children. Let’s see, there’s money that goes to Fish & Games, nice big chunks for DRED, and don’t forget the little General Fund too. And that’s just the skimming from the top. Tru User Fee indeed, eh Todd-o!

And please don’t peak behind the green curtain on the giant chunk that goes to the Safety Department; it might put quite a damper on that “protection” mythology you’re spinning.  Here’s a quick equity quiz: Why should New Hamsters who don’t travel southern I-93 pay for that massive Taj expansion project? Wouldn’t that qualify as a non-user fee?

“The House Ways and Means Committee voted on March 20th to recommend reducing the road toll increases from four cents/four cents/four cents/three cents over the next four years, to simply four/four/four.  This is a mistake.  Full implementation of the 4-4-4-3 plan is reasonable and necessary to meet the state’s transportation needs.” (Maybe we should rename the constitutionally dedicated money bucket The Highway Super Fund upon the tax turbo boost?)

Given your prestigious background fretting over town budgets ‘n stuff, perhaps you are The One they speak of who could tell us where all the current money goes that makes it into the measly, miserly Highway Fund bucket. Poor Timmy Horrigan, all he could mutter is that it’s a matter of publik record – “go look it up yourself” – but couldn’t muster the strength himself to figure this out before voting to nearly double a tax on the backs of the ‘po folk for whom he feigns so much concern. Are you in Timmy’s pocket too, Todd-o?

An interesting approach might be to find out how much is currently spent to pave/rebuild roads, and especially how much goes toward the scary red-list bridges. Please get back to us when you have the real numbers. And thanks for making it easy to follow the money. It’s a rather short gold-bricked road from the Highway Fund to the gathering of construction pockets that would benefit mightily from the flush infusion of cash into a tight time constraint. As any sentient being realizes, this would force quite a push upward to cup and support highly coveted profits, kinda like reinforced garments designed to uplift and separate. Sure would look purdy on a grizzled construction worker, don’t you think?

– C. dog, always drawing parallels between sex, government, and money