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Google, is this a form of “evil”? Or is elevation of the political over religion “not evil”?

Update:  Sometimes we do clash on topics (great minds and all that); Grokster Steve posted on this as well – PLEASE read his post as well!

Today is Easter, the Resurrection of Jesus Christ. Google is well known for celebrating certain days with their “doodle art” when you go to their home page – and some of it is quite clever.  Today, for the billions of Christians celebrate their holiest of remembrances, do you think that Google just might acknowledge that?  Well, you tell me?

Easte r2013 -GoogleHas Cesar Chavez Not Jeasus

No, I’m not sure that it it “outright” evil (Google’s motto is “Don’t be evil” but has come under great  criticism lately for seemingly skirting that when it comes to profit making) but amidst rumors that Google might be playing games politically with the results of its searches when it comes to conservative vs progressive issues, this doesn’t optic well.

Eric Schmidt, the former head of Google is buddy-buddy with Obama (which shows his political leanings) and is an avowed Greenie (hates fossil energy companies).  His former company, Google,

gave up a lot of techies that went and worked on Obama’s campaign on his Big Data efforts. Google also was #3 in donations to Obama, so their proclivity for things Lefty is well documented.  So what can be more Lefty than a bit of a dig at those of faith (who mostly trend to the Right) than to not mention Easter but instead, honor Cesar Chavez, a socialist that unionized farm workers?

Well, I went over to Bing just to see what they might have said about today with any artwork.  Well now:

Easter 2013 - Bing Has Easter Eggs

OK, more on the celebratory side than on the solemnization, but at least the folks at Bing recognized that for a large percentage of Earth’s population, there is a Higher Calling meaning to today.

Can I start saying that Google is the Progressive search engine?  If they want to keep things political, so can we, right?  Wonder how to swap out the search engine here on GraniteGrok?