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Free State lawyer in NH saves family and enforces U.S. Constitution in New Jersey

11-year-old Josh Moore and his new .22 rifle (AP photo)

Democrats and other regressives (not “progressives”; these people have nothing to do with “progress”) love to call names and tell lies about the Free State Project and its participants. That’s because Freestaters tend to revere the U.S Constitution and the Bill of Rights (which are inconveniences to regressives, who are statists to the core).

A demonstration of why the regressives hate Freestaters so much was just given when Evan Nappen, a lawyer, author, and 2nd Amendment expert—as well as Free State Project participant who moved to New Hampshire with his family several years ago—was called on an emergency basis Saturday night from New Jersey as a family was subjected to a late-night home invasion conducted by…

…a group of “child welfare” officials and police (they had no warrant to enter the home, but they came in anyway; in doing so they acted like any criminal gang pulling off a home invasion).

Fortunately, the homeowner, Shawn Moore, knew Evan Nappen and called him while the home invasion was taking place. It seems that Mr. Moore had posted a Facebook picture of his proud 11-year-old son with his new .22 rifle; the boy—who has just passed his New Jersey hunter safety course–was given the gun as a birthday present by his father. Someone—I would term the person a criminal—saw the picture and called the state “child welfare” agency. The police in the town and several “children welfare” bureaucrats then illegally invaded the home late at night. Mr. Moore was able to get attorney Nappen on his cell phone in the midst of the raid, handing it to the police to talk to his lawyer. It was ascertained that the police did not have a warrant and had illegally entered the house. They also demanded that Mr. Moore open his gun safe so they could “inventory” his firearms. He refused, and ordered them out of his house. He attempted to identify all the home invaders, but like any criminal, one of the “child welfare” officials refused to disclose her identity. They told Mr. Moore they would “get a warrant” (thus doubly demonstrating that they had invaded the home without one). He said “go ahead.” And that was that. They left. No further word has been heard from the home invaders.

So now, some thoughts:

1. Kudos and thanks to lawyer Evan Nappen; even though he and his family came to New Hampshire as part of the Free State project several years ago, he was able to save a family in New Jersey from a rogue, lawless government operation; he is a stone hero for saving Mr. Moore and his family, and defending their Constitutional rights (which are apparently often inoperative in New Jersey).

2. Every police officer and “child welfare” official involved in the warrantless and unconstitutional late-night home invasion should be fired. The positions held by those people are too important, and are vested with too much power, to have lawless people wielding it.

3. I sincerely hope Mr. Moore has Evan Nappen bring a lawsuit against the city, its police department, the state “child welfare” department, and each of the rogue police and “child welfare” officials involved in the home invasion. That lawsuit should demand an extensive damage award and the dismissal of every government employee involved in the warrantless home invasion.

4. Finally, I have a question: Why would any individual who owns guns and believes in the U.S. Constitution continue to live in a place like New Jersey, unless absolutely compelled to? I mean, there’s always North Korea or Cuba. They have warrantless police raids all the time too….

Thank you, Evan Nappen. You’re a credit to yourself, to the U.S. Constitution, and to the Free State Project.