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For Rental Property Owners

Never ignore a gut feeling, but never believe that it’s enough.” —Author Unknown

landlordconnectionSo reads the quote at the top of the Landlord Connection, Inc.‘s website. I very rarely outright endorse a service in any of my writings. But today, if there is a service never more worthy of such, it is Landlord Connection. I have used Landlord Connection for over 12 years to screen prospective tenants seeking to rent from me.

Any person who owns rental property and does not have membership in Landlord Connection is asking for trouble.

Why Landlord Connection versus Traditional Credit Check?

A credit reference will only tell you that the prospective tenant paid all his or her bills on time. While collecting the rent is very important, it is important to get the right tenant for your property. A mere credit check does not reveal if the tenant was a bothersome, difficult, trouble-maker who damaged the property or caused grief with other tenants.

A prospective tenant’s rental history is the most important indicator of their future behavior in your building.

When someone applies for your apartment, wouldn’t you like to know:

  • Have they been brought to court by another landlord?
  • Have they brought their landlord to court?
  • Have they ever been locked out of their apartment by the Sheriff?
  • Have they ever moved owing rent or damaged an apartment?

When the lease is up

When a tenant leaves, a landlord can submit a landlord report that will follow the tenant to other places. This helps other landlords to make sound decisions. Good reports are welcomed as well.

The Fees

The fees are totally reasonable! you can look at the fee schedule right on their website. When considering whether to join or not, ask yourself, “How much will I pay the lawyer to evict a bad tenant? How much will it cost me to repair an apartment after a tenant destroys it?”