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A Bolder Kind of RINO

It is the coward who fawns upon those above him. It is the coward who is insolent whenever he dares be so.  Junius

Freedom_hating RINOHouse Bill 135 passed out of the House this week. The bill repeals the stand your ground bill that was passed over the governor’s veto last year. The vote was very close on this bill and would have failed had it not been for some Republicans that, “jumped ship.”

RINO’s have such a checkered evolution. They were first, “Moderates…” Those Rockefeller Republicans…Republicans in Name Only,” commonly referred to as “RINO’s”… Now 2013 brings the emergence of the Progressive RINOs. Yes, the Pro-RINO have legislative voting records more akin to voting with liberal progressives than their own party.

Representative David Kidder (R)INO, New London, is a great example of a Progressive RINO. Voting for things like Obamacare, Voting consistently against the Second Amendment, and voting against sportsmen, while professing to be a sportsman is what RINO’s do. But the voters of New London keep on sending him back. The other day didn’t come as a surprise to most.  Kidder voted for the repeal of Stand your Ground. Insert Yawn here.

One thing you have to credit Kidder for is consistency. Certainly not courage. Representing ones’ self as a “Republican” and then voting the majority of time with Democrats is the litmus that tells us how well his constituents are paying attention. Not so much.

The Progressive RINO is a new bolder, arrogant flippant RINO. Self-perceived as the harbingers of new Republicanism. The Kind where you cannot tell the Republicans from the Democrats. The darling of prefects, functionaries and other amalgams of governmental hacks, The Kidders of the legislature can be reliable shills for the creation of laws, rules, provisos, and other bureaucratic red tape. Pedant objectives are the hills they all eventually die on.  Kidder wore like a badge of honor his selection  as the “RINO of the Week.” A few Republicans worried over whether or not they would garner such a shameful selection, but not Kidder.

Dennis Fields is yet another such RINO. The jury is still out on him as a Progressive RINO, but clearly a RINO. Another who voted to repeal stand your ground.

Steve Vaillancourt of Manchester has never been labelled a RINO by me. He has been trying on big boy RINO pants of late but he is too much of a moving target to nail down. While others call him eccentric, I just stick to, “Nutty and unpredictable.” I’ve observed schizophrenics off their meds that act with more consistency than Vaillancourt.

The Senate will now receive this bill. All of the constituent groups supporting this bill are now looking to the Senate to Kill the bill. The question now remains, will the Senate kill the Bill?