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Progressive Stupidity

“A great many people now reading and writing would be better employed keeping Rabbits…”  —Dame Edith L. Sitwell, Poet and Critic

Stupid PeopleThe Union Leader featured excerpts from the NRA’s Armed Citizen as an Opinion Column Sunday. When I saw the headline, “True Stories from the files of the Armed Citizen,” I was drawn to the article, not because of what it had to say, but in anticipation of what the armchair progressives had to say decided what progressive propaganda and lies were to come forthpurely for the entertainment value.  I didn’t read the article.  I didn’t Need to.  As an NRA member I get a monthly publication detailing these very true accounts.

I am often bemused by the conclusions of such liberals with their posts.  The question now becomes, “what contorted, twisted logic was employed to reach the conclusions reached here?”

A writer identifying himself as, “JOHN ALEXION” writes,

“I don’t know whats more sickening the criminals or this newspaper idolizing more killings…..whats next tabloid news? The supermarkets really need to put your paper in the slots next to the checkout counter next to the Enquirer or the Star.”

I don’t know if it was intended but John here creates a straw argument. I’ve read the Armed Citizen accounts for years and have always found them to be a factual rendering of the who, the what, the where, the when, and the how.  The armed citizen follows a pleasantly boring scenario each and every time. Someone engaging in a criminal act is met with force by a person going about their business, who is armed and defends against the unlawful act…period.

Another who identifies himself as, “Chris Kofer” writes,

“Where is the documentation to show that these were actually citizens?”

Kofer is a known troll.  Such a request is gratuitous at best and serves no legitimate purpose.  “The Armed Citizen” is a feature of the NRA magazine and the sources are cited there.  If people like Kofer were truly interested in calling out the Editors of the states’ largest newspaper, he or she would say nothing and do their own research…That would yield nothing of benefit, however.  The Armed Citizen is about real people and a simple Google search will back that up.  Lazy trolls.

Another know troll and cafeteria poster is, “Bob Lake,” and he writes,

Now, can we hear about all the domestic violence stories and suicides and accidental shootings? Lots more of those. So idiotic to point these rare incidents out and are they true or a figment of ones imagination? If you own a gun, chances are the gun will be used on you. That is a fact.

Bob is a cafeteria poster because he doesn’t miss an entree on the liberal straw argument buffet.  First he changes the subject; domestic violence?  Suicide?  Accidental shootings?  Then he calls the Armed Citizen events, “rare.”  Finally, he perpetuates the myth of Hollywood movies: Guns in the home will be used on the (the owner).  His own pablum, no substantiation.

And there you have it.  The liberal cornucopia response to a UL argument.  This is the smartest lot Kathy Sullivan and Ray Buckley can pull from basements everywhere and install in their war room.

Then again, we cannot put this all on the leftist liars….People do believe leftist lies, even when such assertions are made of complete whole cloth…Obama got re-elected, now didn’t he?  Enough stupid people re-elected Obama.  That alone utterly demonstrates that many people now reading and writing would, in fact, be better employed keeping rabbits.