My Christmas present from the Youngest came in just in time for Saturday

Molon Labe - AR-15

The Youngest gave me a slim envelope yesterday and in it was an accessory for my AR-15: Molon Labe (“Come and get them”).

Molon Labe with a Gadsden Flag twist (close up after the jump)!  And just in time, for this Saturday (2/23) there is a 223 Day of Resistance rally at the NH State house being held in conjunction with rallys all over the country by other like minded folks

.223 Day of Resistance Header

Susan Olsen (who writes here at GraniteGrok)  is the organizer for the Concord rally – details here:

Concord, NH Day of Resistance Rally
Location: State Capital Steps
Time: 12 noon – 2 pm
Sponsoring Organization: Molon Labe New Hampshire
Organizer Contact: Susan Olsen
Facebook Page:

If coming to Concord is a bit too far, I would be remiss in letting you know that our friends in the Free State Project are

holding their Liberty Forum in Nashua and will be holding their own .223 Day of Resistance Rally a bit earlier – so go to theirs and then come on up to ours!

Nashua, NH Liberty Forum
Location: Crowne Plaza Hotel
Time: 9am – 10pm
Contact Email:
Sponsoring Organization: Free State Project

Molon Labe - AR-15 - closeup