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Cop Killing LA Spree Shooter Is Big Fan of Obama, Biden, MSM, Piers Morgan and More…

Cop killer and spree killer is fan of obama and the MSMYesterday we reported that Floyd Corkins, a gay rights activist, was motivated to kill by the liberal Southern Poverty Law Center.

Today we get to meet Chris Dorner, former LA cop (fired in 2009), murderer, cop killer, (and now mass murderer/spree killer)…who also happens to be a big fan of Barack Obama, Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton, CNN, MSNBC, Piers Morgan, gun control, and oh yeah, he hates the NRA.

And he wrote and posted a 22 page manifesto to tell us all about it.

Not only is there a 22 page manifesto, no one has to jump through hoops to make the connections.  Dorner has shout outs for all his liberal homies.  Shout outs that the lefty media have been leaving out of their reporting.

The manifesto they are sharing has a page count that might be a bit lower.  You see, the same left wing media/industrial talking head complex that strains every vowel to tie any other shooter or bomber to the right, is doing all it can to hide the lunatic Chris Dorner’s ideology…because it is the same as theirs.

From Human Events

About half of the manifesto has been delicately excised from press reports… the parts where he praises gun control, Senator Dianne Feinstein, MSNBC, CNN (especially gun control sensationalist Piers Morgan), Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton, and Barack Obama.  On the other hand, he really hates the NRA, particularly Wayne LaPierre (who he incorrectly identifies as the organization’s “president” – that would be David Keene at the moment) and George Zimmerman.

Here, John Hayward at Breitbart reminds us how hard Piers “Musket” Morgan labored to add to the left wing narrative.

I hope everyone has seen the flashback video of Piers Morgan telling Mark Kelly that Sarah Palin should call Kelly’s wife, Rep. Gabby Giffords, to apologize for her alleged role in creating the “Climate of Hate” that led to the Tucson shooting

If not, give it a couple of spins while you listen to Morgan whining and crying like a pitiful wretch, now that L.A. spree killer Chris Dorner specifically named Piers Morgan as one of his inspirations.  Time to live up to your own standards, Piers.  Get on the phone and start apologizing to the families of Dorner’s victims for your role in the murders.  Do it live on the air, and maybe you can squeeze out a few more ratings points for CNN.

Powerline reports on how hard the media is working to hide the facts they usually scabble for like seagulls over a chicken wing.

Dorner, it turns out, is a fan of President Obama, Dianne Feinstein, Colin Powell, Piers Morgan, Chris Matthews, Brian Williams, Soledad O’Brien, Wolf Blitzer, Meredith Vieira, Tavis Smiley, Anderson Cooper, and Ellen DeGeneres. Meanwhile, he reviles the NRA and Wayne LaPierre, believing that the latter’s advocacy warrants the death of his family before his eyes.

But, as Charles Cooke points out, “in the combined 3,240 words of the lead stories from the New York Times, the Los Angeles Times, and the Associated Press, there is no mention whatsoever of the political contents of Dorner’s screed.” To be sure, they all mention the manifesto, but not what’s in it, even in New York Times’ specific post about the document.

So we have a left wing ideologue motivated to kill.  He’s got a 22 page rant that names left wing lights and their propaganda mules by name.  And they are hiding all the inconvenient bits to avoid what…?

Their culture of hate comes to mind.

Oh, and Dorner is still on the loose.


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