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America’s Incubators of Social Pathology

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Are Cities just  liberal spawning grounds for voilence and cultural decay

So first of all, can it be denied that the vast bulk of violent crime and murder occurs in large urban cities in states that are commonly referred to as Blue? Additionally, even in the so called Red States, the large population centers that exhibit inordinate amounts of crime trend liberal. Finally, these cities are coincidentally governed by ideologies that favor liberal policies of debased entitlement which are detrimental to self-sufficiency and the cohesiveness of the traditional American family. Such cities breed and attract these dysfunctional behaviors because they have provided the perverse incentives for actions that were once categorized as: immoral, antithetical to healthy human flourishing and inconsistent with harmony and true human happiness.

These liberal urban cultures are America’s incubators of social pathology.

Glenn Fairman / American

Update: Forgot to add a link to this from January 1st.  ‘Ban Cities not Guns