A Flip-Flop? No, more of being an on-going feature than a bug

“…does this enhance a perception by them as a Stand on Principle or a Politics as Usual?

Steve’s post brought up that fact that when Jennifer Horn (running to be the next NH GOP Chair – oh my!), she changed her tune might fast once it was pointed out that she included one of the “Five Families” (er, that would be US Senator Kelly Ayotte (R-NH) in excoriating the Fiscal Cliff vote.

Sidenote: Once again, just like Obamacare, we see legislation done by the Elite (Boehner and Reid) instead by open and accountable hearings, and voted upon in the middle of the night.  In that same vein, their information either came talking point and/or most likely, from Cliff Notes (yes, I could not resist) – once again, I am betting that the number of Senators (vs their staff) who actually took the time to read the actual bill.

Back to Jennifer and the title.  Software developers often talk about new development and stuff that is in process – when something “looks bizarre”, it is often laughed off as “a feature or a bug” (unless a VIP is asking the question).  In real life, everyone yields a “bug” now and then – stuff said before all of the news and information is verified.  But it seems with Horn to this observer (and others who have easily commented upon it as well without syllable one from my lips) that this has been an on-going progression since I first met her running for Congress in 2008.  I have watched someone move from being a TEA Party person, who said “THESE are my principles”, morph to being more Establishment “We gotta win!” (or more to the point “I gotta win”) – and a real grassrooter (as opposed to a faux one) understands EXACTLY what I just said.  Sure, one with TEA Party principles has to win to have them be of value….but not at the risk of losing what defines one as being a “grassrooter”.  I am not the only one.

This event certainly is a case in point: Agreeing with grassroot ire – until it became quickly and painfully obvious that:

  1. the deal stunk all the way around and a pox on those that voted for it
  2. Oh crap on that pox – I’m ALSO dissing a VERY IMPORTANT NH Person (who is also getting on some folks Prez-wannabe list, heightening the IMPORTANT part)

So, is this who you (those of you who are now voting Members of the NH Republican Party) want as NH GOP Chair?

Is this the type of behavior that is becoming to a viable NH GOP Chair (vs one that Ray Buckley will be rubbing his hands in glee)?  Ask yourself – how much faster can Horn’s political weathervane swing the next time?  And for WHOM will it swing – and which way?  The Principled folks would have said “still a dog, even if Kelly voted with it”.  She, however, made the decision to not anger someone that could help her out – or squash her like a bug.  What is the cost of doing so – the next time, be it in actual financial credit or in political credit?

Is this type of action a plus or a minus to those watching from the middle – does this enhance a perception by them as a Stand on Principle or a Politics as Usual?

Do you want a Chair whose ‘vane can swing in an instant by the Political Wind – or a More Important Political Person (be it an Establishment Person or not)?

Or do you want someone who will stand firmly on Principle?