Some Anti-Gun Hypocrites - Granite Grok

Some Anti-Gun Hypocrites

Leading Democrat Senators want to limit your access to guns.  They already have their permits, but they think that you can’t be trusted with a gun.  Senator Feinstein is going to re-introduce the assault weapons ban even though it did nothing to reduce murders when it was in place before nor was there any increase in murders when it expired.  Senator Feinstein has a concealed carry permit.  Senator Reid also wants to stop you from having a gun(s), he has a concealed carry permit  and talked about taking his gun everywhere he went.  But, they think that you shouldn’t have a gun.



Senator Schumer also thinks you shouldn’t have a gun.  However, Senator Schumer, however, apparently has an unrestricted carry permit in NY City!!  (Mark Levin is trying to get this information verified, currently there is only one source sof it) The article below includes a photo of Schumer shooting a pistol, he looks like he is having fun…but he thinks you should not be able to do the same … either have fun or protect yourself (after all you are not a big important person like he is).

* My source for most of this is the Mark Levin Show, see: for a recording of the 12/18/2012 show