I have a very simple question to ask of Progressives for which they will have no answer

  • Every time that the topic of  illegal immigration comes up, the Proggies all exclaim “But we CAN’T deport all 12 million “undocumented workers!!!” when it comes to enforcing just our current immigration laws – you all but admit that Government can’t find them all?  Their only solution is to just amnesty them
  • So, all you Proggies, all aflutter about a gun registration that would make  – do you really think that you’ll be able to find all 200 million lawful Citizens that own the 300 million guns (or even a 100 million owners)But I hear nothing about amnestying them, though.

I guess it doesn’t pay to be legal in Progressive World.  After all, you keep complaining that the illegals “won’t come out of the shadows”; what makes you think that gun owners won’t use similar techniques?  Betcha we can find more illegal immigrants (even those in Bawston with Irish brogues) than you can gun owners!  Or, do you have some way of, ahem, profiling a gun owner, or something similar to your hated “racial profiling”?  I’m betting that because profiling would serve YOUR purposes, it would quickly become “a valued law enforcement technique”, right?

Here, I will give you one solid hint for “gun owner profiling” that just might help you: lawful gun owners kill less people with cars than illegal (and often, drunk when they do) aliens.