GrokTV - Panel Discussion: The Election Process in N.H. - making your vote count - Granite Grok

GrokTV – Panel Discussion: The Election Process in N.H. – making your vote count

The Rye Republicans held their second set of discussions concerning the Nov 6th vote and invited to be on that panel addressing a packed room of Rye area Republicans were the following and the topics they were asked to cover:

  • Jack Thorsen (Portmouth City Coucilor andNH GOP  area vice-chair) – The 11/6/12 General Election – results of the voting process and how the counting is handled
  • NH State Rep. Regina Birdsell – Voting Laws, who is eligible to vote. Voter ID Law, etc.
  •  former NH State Rep. Will Smith – Explanation of the process to run for office
  • Skip Murphy (ordinary schlub) – How can we be more involved in the election process and make our vote meaningful?

Yes, I was asked to speak which something that doesn’t happen too often at all.  Even though it was a long slog down and back (and processing video afterwards), it was worth spending pretty much the entire working day on it (and yes, Shawn Millerick of NH Journal, we had a secret spur-of-the-moment planning meeting; have at it on spinning its purpose!).  Crowd was very attentive and I told the moderator, Diane Bitter (Town Chair and Assistant Sec. of the NH GOP) that it would have been fine with them to have extended a couple of more hours by the level of questions and conversation crowds surrounding the panelists afterwards.  Good time, and it was a lot of fun!

Any ways here are the first videos (thanks to Grokster Mike for handling camera duties!).  The first is the start up / biz part of the meeting, and the second is the intro for the panelists:


Opening Introductions and Ceremony                                       Introduction of the Panelists

More following during the day.