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Andrew Hemingway for NH GOP Chair – questions from the ‘Grok

Andrew Hemingway For NH GOP ChairUpdated and Bumped:  Since a number of GraniteGrok readers have already posed questions on the posts I put up concerning Andrew Hemingway’s running for NH GOP Chair, I decided to see if they could get answers to those questions.  I have emailed with Andrew and he has indicated that he’d be most  happy to oblige.  So, I’ll gather them up and will start / continue to post both the questions and the answers here over the next few weeks. The idea will be to have answered questions “up top” and unanswered ones after the jump; so prepare to see this post a number of times.  Stay tuned!

Sidenote:  Other than this particular outreach to the Hemingway campaign, this is about all the contact we have with his campaign.  Neither I, GraniteGrok, or any of the other writers (that I know of) are working for the campaign (just in case you were wondering).

Answers from Andrew:

  • Andrew, Why are you seeking this position?

I am seeking this position because I believe I am uniquely qualified and positioned to help move the party in a new direction. I believe the NH is a better state when Republicans are leading, and so I want to dedicate my efforts to seeing republicans elected all over the state. The party needs leadership, creativity, and a sound understanding of technology. I can provide all of these and we can once again begin winning elections and helping turn around our state and our country.

  • Our current method of reaching unknown, prospective voters in nonexistent, what your vision to help reach voters?

This hits the area I am most excited about. We need to expand our Republican voting base and we can do this through data collection, analysis, and implementation. Data will drive the decisions that we make if I am elected as Chairman. We will be able to target new voters and deliver the right message to them.

  • Andrew, how will you bypass the old media (or do you have to) bias towards Republicans and conservatives in this state?

Social media allows Republicans a great opportunity not only reach voters and to bypass the media, but to target exactly who we are talking to, and what to say to them. We can talk to “Business Owners” about taxes and spending and to “hunters” about gun rights and land ownership, etc. The NHGOP needs to build a complete technology infrastructure that will facilitate such targeting and messaging.

More unanswered questions after the jump.

From his UStream on Facebook livestream of Monday, 12/3/12:

  • Andrew, do you think that the Establishment faction of the NH GOP will start calling you, either openly or in a whisper campaign, an extremist for your conservative grassroots activities? Will they try to do to you what they have done to others?
  • What are your plans for re-building our grass root efforts?

Some of the questions asked at the ‘Grok are meant on areas of direct NH GOP action / governance – and some go to personal motivation / philosophy of the candidate (some editing done):

  • Might this Conservative advocate be for choice in schooling for the chilt’ren?
  • Might this Conservative advocate be for a person doing onto his property that which he/she wants so long as it does not physically spill onto his neighbor’s?
  • Perhaps this Conservative person would do away with silly prohibitions, but be sure that those who imbibe [in intoxicants] personally pay for the privilege, and therefore be more apt to carry their moral compass with them, rather than imposed upon them? (added by Skip: personal decisions should be borne solely by that individual – not society)
  • Mike Murphy’s piece: But nary a mention WHY the obtaining of power is important – what is it that the NH GOP to accomplished when it has been obtained?
  • From another post:
    • What should the emphasis of the NH GOP be as Chair with respect to the above question (WHY power / how use power)?
    • What is your position as Chair on Power vs Application (specifics)? How would you nudge elected officials towards that official policy you would set as the Public Policy (after all, the Democrat Chair has his – can you even discuss what it is)?
  • How would you highlight Real Republicans™ who are sincerely and concertedly working to:

1. Provide school choice for all parents in NH
2. Enable private property ownership (sans permission slips)
3. Enable exchange of same

  • Wonder which candidate would sign a pledge to actively and forcefully pursue” skool choice” for all parents in the Grate State of New Hamsters, and return of property rights (starting with elimination of Eminent Insane), elimination of DRED,  AND sign on the dotted line to that effect that contain some conditional teeth that if violated would immediately disqualified said signer from said office (Many of us have been trampled on by far too many RINO’s to be fooled again.)?
  • And if the answer to the directly above is “No”, then why is “no” appropriate (what YOU think and no tip-toeing out with “but this is not a legislative or governor position”)?