A quick ditty on Electability, Power….and what often gets forgotten: Why? And what is Jennifer Horn’s answer to that?

by Skip

As I mentioned here, I had a long phone call with an official in the NH GOP and I had brought up this article that was written by Mike Murphy in that paragon of Conservative Journalism: a blog at Time magazine.  He’s a Republican strategist who often appears on the Sunday morning talking head shows (especially Meet The Press hosted by Democrat with a byline, David Gregory).  I am always amused / dismayed at what comes from him as he is framed as being one (or only) of the “balanced” conservatives on the panel roundtable.  Most of the time, he’s just a political operative (“hack”) but is instructional on how most Establishment Republicans think:

  • I see talk about “Electability” in that piece.
  • I see talk about “Power” in that piece.

But nary a mention WHY the obtaining of power is important – what is it that is to be accomplished when it has been obtained?

Bill O’Brien knew exactly why he did what he did upon obtaining power.  Unlike the vast majority of politicians, the WHY of Power was to return it back to the Citizens – instead of just going with the flow under the guise of “getting stuff done and solving problems” (like that means anything at all).  It was increasing personal Liberty and not centralizing it.

So, I will ask both Jennifer Horn and Andrew Hemingway:

  • What should the emphasis of the NH GOP be as Chair with respect to this?
  • What is your position as Chair on Power vs Application?

After all, you would be head of the Party – certainly you must have a philosophical outlook on this – what is it (no glittering generalities – we’re looking for specifics)?

  • How would you nudge elected officials towards that official policy you would set as the Public Policy (after all, the Democrat Chair has his – can you even discuss what it is)?

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