Voting - 11/6/2012 Results compendium - Granite Grok

Voting – 11/6/2012 Results compendium

Fox News calls it: President Obama has been re-elected

Romney does not have a mathematical road to victory

My unexpected guests have left, the ‘Grok dogs have had some attention paid to them, hopefully the laptop problems have gone to sleep.  Long nite ahead, so time to see what polls are doing.  Pretty much will just update this post with observations, pithy words, and anything else considered “election kitchen sink”.


NH Exec Council – 3 to 2 R to D thus far

Fox announces US House to remain in Republican hands

NH Kuster is leading almost 2-1 over Bass

NH Constitution: Banning income tax is leading

NH Constitution: Legislation to have oversight over Judiciary losing

No Constitutional Convention is winning


WMUR, Associated Press has just called the race for Maggie Hassan

NH Ovide Hassan Babiarz
WMUR 08:22 PM 575 1,862 85


Interesting way to think about it:

One of the claims was that he had a “first-class temperament.” And I was thinking, yesterday, “That’s possibly the thing I like least about Obama — his temperament.” His big-government policies are bad enough. But the temperament? “Mitt Romney: Not one of us,” and all that? I think he’s a nasty and divisive figure.

Mitt Romney — there’s a first-class temperament, come of think of it. At least I have that impression. If he has four years in the White House, we’ll see.

I believe that Obama hates the likes of us — Reagan conservatives. I believed the same about Al Gore. I remember saying during the 2000 campaign, “I’d rather be stranded on a desert island with Bill Clinton for a year than have a brief, delicious lunch at the Four Seasons with Al Gore.” You could tell that Al Gore hated you: It was on his face and in his tongue. Joe Lieberman, I felt, did not hate you. Hillary did. Kerry did. John Edwards loved himself, mainly, I thought.


Instapundit:  TAXPAYER-FUNDED ELECTIONEERING: Report: Local and federal taxpayer-funded vehicles were used to transport Dem voters to polls in Wisconsin.

Why am I not surprised?  Ed Naile, chair of the Coalition of NH Taxpayers (“CNHT”) in going all over the state (he HAS stacks of examples of real NH based voter fraud -and uses voting days to look for more) called in to report that in the college towns he was in here in NH, he saw a number of big vans with NJ and NY plates.

Now, ask yourself (as Ed asked me) – what do you transport in big “people vans” (oops, did I just give you a hint?)?


Well, the New Black Panthers are intimidating voters at Philly polls, Obama literature and murals up on the walls in polling areas, but voter fraud is not just limited to Democrats.  To wit – a Republican:

An elections worker in Oregon was fired after she was accused of tampering with ballots, in a case that has since been referred to the state’s Department of Justice for investigation.

Fox 12 in Oregon reports that Deanna Swenson, who was working part-time in Clackamas County, allegedly voted for Republican candidates on two ballots where voters had left sections blank. County commissioners reportedly claimed they saw her fill in the blanks on Oct. 31.


Grokster Mike reports from Hollis: Romny over Obama (+510), Ovide over Hassan (+2), Bass over Kuster (+550), Gilmore over Luthor (+200)


O’Reilly on Fox News: “the electorate now feels that it is entitled to “free stuff”.  20 years ago, Obama would have been rejected. “  Kinda validates what many Conservatives think and Romney said about that 47%.  And that “free stuff” has to be taken from others to get it.  Has our morality sunk that low and our norms so degraded such that this is the “normality”?  Is that how Obama can get away with “Revenge” for perceived historical norms?

Used to be that character was “what you do when you don’t think anyone is watching”.  Example 1: looting during Katrina.  Example 2: looting during Sandy.  Utterance: “time to get some of my sh** back”.


Apropos from Instapundit:  AT AMAZON, bestsellers in Survival & Disaster Preparation.  I think he’s still thinking about Hurricane Sandy and the fast approaching N’oreaster about to come out the coast.  However, if Obama wins….

Grokster Steve: Heavy voting in Merrimack all day long.  Ed Naile called in and said that Hanover and Lebanon were real busy too.  Part-time Grokster Carolyn reports in that Amhearst was VERY busy.  Bedford on tap to hit 92% of all registereds actually voting.  WOW!

Heh! ->  Dan Rather: ‘My Gut Tells Me It’s Going To Be a Good Day for Romney.’

7:42      ABC matching electoral votes same as Fox:  33 – 3


7:37        Fox News – calls S. Carolina for Obama

7:30        Fox News – Ohio and Virginia too close, W. Virginia goes to Romney


Jerry Pournelle (award winning science fiction writer, engineer, columnist):

“We have always known that eternal vigilance is the price of freedom. It’s worse now, because capture of government is so much more important than it once was. There was a time when there was enough freedom that it hardly mattered which brand of crooks ran government. That has not been true for a long time — not during most of your lifetimes, and for much of mine — and it will probably never be true again.”

When the Fed Govt was small, it was (as Texas Gov Perry put it) inconsequential in peoples’ daily lives, it sometimes didn’t matter as much.  Now that the Progressive influence has been in force for over a century in demanding a over active and overarching Govt (because we are too stupid to decide what’s best for us, if you boil it down), Govt has become so universal and intrusive, the stakes are enormous.  I just shake my head at Dems & Progressives when they say that they abhor the amount of money in politics.  Well, the solution is simple – dial Govt back down in what it sticks its nose into our personal lives and the $$ will disappear.

Sadly, they’ll never dial it back


From Jim Bender, seeing this post’s “quietly determined people” expanded upon it: “Quietly determined people replacing unconscious incompetence


7:04             Fox News has just declared Indiana and Kentucky for Romney and Vermont for Obama.  Score 19 – 3