Un-Breaking News: Laughton Un-Resigns....Decides to Serve in NH House - Granite Grok

Un-Breaking News: Laughton Un-Resigns….Decides to Serve in NH House

Stacie Laughton has now changed her mind again, and decided that she will accept the House seat won on November 6th, according to an updated article at unionleader.com

Earlier this morning we reported that Laughton was planning to step down.  Now she is stepping back up.  Although it is not final.  Laughton is seeking guidance from social media–Stacie was asking Facebook Friends this morning for guidance–and waiting for clarification form the AG about legal wording to ensure that as a convicted Felon she can in fact accept the seat.

If there are no legal obstacles we should expect that she will in fact go to Concord and we can continue to make snide remarks about Democrats recruiting felons for public office and left leaning fish wrappers refusing to vet them before elections the same way they do Republicans.