Free Market Gets Water To Hurricane Victims Faster…

Nestle Pure Life Water gets there before FEMA doesThe first supplies of bottled water to arrive to aid those affected by hurricane Sandy did not come from FEMA, which has a large staging area in Georgia stocked with pallet after pallet of bottled water for just such an occassion.  Nestle America, without any coordination with FEMA or any government agency, provided half a million bottles (gratis) to a staging facility in Sommerset New Jersey, long before FEMA even got its water moving.

FEMA (Federal Emergency Mismanagement Agency), can’t seem to explain what the probem is.

Despite the President’s promises, on the following day, Thursday, November 1, three days after Hurricane Sandy hit New Jersey, New York City, and Long Island, a solitary FEMA employee strolled through stacks of bottled water stored in the vast FEMA warehouse in Atlanta, Georgia, (pictured above) located more than 800 miles from the Lakehurst, New Jersey Naval Air Station that had been designated as a FEMA “advance staging” location. These supplies, which included pre-packaged meals as well as bottled water, should have been delivered to New Jersey days before the storm, but three days after the storm they languished in FEMA’s Georgia warehouse.vanced notice on high probability landfall.

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So Nestle primes the pump with ease while FEMA struggles before during and after.

Now consider that Health and Human Services will probaly do to Health Care what FEMA has done to disaster relief, and then go out and vote for Republicans becasue no Democrat will try to stop, repeal, or blocl Obama Care.  Only Republicans will keep the Federal Government from turning your health into another Government Mismanagement Agency.