This 2012 Nobel Prize For Science Might Piss Democrats Off - Granite Grok

This 2012 Nobel Prize For Science Might Piss Democrats Off

Adult Stem cell research creates all the curesDemocrats and their Abortion advocates keep saying they are the party of science, and that Republicans will ban abortion (stay with me, they are related).  First, Republicans do not believe in the kind of monarchical government where that is even possible, and just for the record (again), even if Roe v. Wade was overturned, all 50 states abortion laws would remain in tact and in force until such time as each state and its citizens wanted them changed.

So yeah, Democrats are just making stuff up to scare people.   You know what else they’ve been scaring people with – Science and Stem cells.

For years the left and the media, with the help of Hollywood, has sold the idea that Republicans are against science, and with even greater effort when it comes to stem cells.  Embryonic stem cells that is.   The conscientious objection of those who think this path of research presents moral hazards, has been spun to infer a desire to take us backwards in time.  To block our view of scientific horizons that hold great promise.  That the real future is in Embryonic stem cell research and taxpayers have to fund it, and any position other than that is the work of backwards, knuckle-dragging, right-wingers.

But Embryonic stem cell research–heavily supported by the abortion industry and the Democrats that industry coddles–has proven to be another left wing idea with no merit.  To date there are few if any (I believe the correct number is still zero) therapies as a result of this research.  Millions invested, with an equal amount of rhetoric, for zero output.  That’s a progressive policy success story.

Meanwhile, Adult stem cells (no unborn babies we’re harmed in the making of such research) have produced dozens of therapies (closer to 80 or 90) for most or all of the things the Democrats insist we must continue to look for from embryonic lines.  Let’s just call them bitter clingers, yes?  And if that news did not continue to show them for who they are, this years Nobel Prize for physiology was just awarded to two scientists who have discovered that you can simply reprogram ordinary body cells into stem cells.

STOCKHOLM (AP) — A British researcher and a Japanese scientist won the Nobel Prize in physiology or medicine on Monday for discovering that ordinary cells of the body can be reprogrammed into stem cells, which then can turn into any kind of tissue – a discovery that may led to new treatments.


I’m betting that Democrats will continue to insist that we spend tax dollars on embryonic stem cell research for the same reason we invest tax dollars on their failed energy agenda, their doomed-to fail health care solutions, their doomed to fail deficit reduction strategies, their doomed to fail economic leveling agenda, their doomed to fail environmental policies, and just about everything else they believe.  Becasue thy are the narrow-minded extremists whose ideology cannot permit ideas that might threaten their political power and the expansion of government control.

It is the left that has tunnel vision.  It is Democrats who are bitter clingers.  It is liberals who continue to hew to the notion that if the government directs it we will get there–wherever they imagine there is–sooner.  But there are no examples in the stem cell universe where that is true unless the destination is slowing down progress, making it cost more, and paying for that failure on the backs of our children.

Meanwhile, Republicans are trying to get government out of the way so that private citizens can invest their own money in private research, the kind that produced all those stem cell therapies with adult cells and will be at the leading edge of expanding on this new research to make longer, healthier living a reality from existing cell therapies.

If Democrats really want that,  healthier living and cures for diseases and injuries like they claim, they should abandon their obsession with funneling tax money into research that is not just morally objectionable but that has produced nothing but paychecks for scientists who are engaging in the scientific equivalent of digging holes to fill so they can dig them again.  Refusing to do so simply makes them bitter clingers, using force to scrabble for an undeserved award at the science fair on a failed project financed with your money.