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Stem Cell Research Company Walks Away From Embryos

Adult stem cell therapies for heart patientsStem cells.  You heard of them?  Democrats love stem cells.  But just the Embryonic variety.  Progressives love them so much they put embryonic  stem cell research on the pedestal right next to renewable energy as evidence of their commitment to “science.”  We heard all about it back in 2008.

President Obama rode the Stem cell nag all the way to March of 2009 when Dear Leader signed an order sending big bags of taxpayer funding, in the name of science, to support the next generation of cures for things like diabetes, Parkinson’s, multiple sclerosis, and Spinal cord injuries.

Jeanne Shaheen, Democrat Senator from New Hampshire, stood beside Mr. Obama, diabetic granddaughter/prop at her side, crooning in a press release after the executive order announcing that  “Today, President Obama took a major step in restoring America’s role as a leader in science and medicine by lifting the ban on federal funding for embryonic stem cell research.”

It was the damn Renaissance, brought to you by Jeanne “I need a Blue Ribbon Panel to tell me how to tie my own shoes”  Shaheen and a guy who had visited all 57 States.   What could go wrong?

Twenty months later, and irrespective of the 25 million dollar loan from California taxpayers (with more promised), Geron Corporation, one of the worlds leading stem cell research companies, announced last month that it was scrapping its embryonic stem cell division.  A global leader in cancer treatments, bio-tech, and stem cell research–with tens of millions in state money, saw the forest for the trees.   This pig wont fly.

I guess the science is a bit unsettled.

Much like the promise of Wind and Solar, the lefts dedication to their idea of ‘science,’ requires an endless stream of taxpayer support to produce nothing.  But even the promise of more support was not enough for a reputable research company like Geron to try and fake it just to get the cash. The venture capital was not there and it wasn’t coming because results matter and there weren’t any.

This speaks well of the company, but will Democrats pay any attention?  When Shaheen pimped her own granddaughter for the sake of “science,” all the cures–including treatments being developed for Type I diabetes–were the result of Adult stem cell research.  And that has not changed.  The Weekly Standard reports that while the Geron Corp was mothballing Embryonic stem cells, research was released regarding another adult stem cell trial that showed tremendous promise for cardiac patients.  The UK Telegraph headline read…

“Biggest Breakthrough in Treating Heart Attacks for a Generation.”

As Wesley J. Smith a TWS points out, “Imagine if a human embryonic stem cell had shown improvement to damaged human hearts.”

It would be the lede of every paper, Cable Network, lefty blog, complete with a big noisy press release from folks like Jeanne Shaheen.   You’d be sick and tired of hearing about it 24/7 for what seemed like weeks on end.  But did you even know about the potential success of yet another adult stem cell therapy before I reported it here?  Unless you read the UK Telegraph or the Weekly Standard, probably not.  And where is Jeanne ‘The Science Queen” Shaheen to report this boon…

For the millions of patients and families impacted by conditions such as diabetes, Parkinson’s, multiple sclerosis, and spinal cord injuries, among many others, there is now greater hope for breakthrough treatments and even cures.

She has nothing to say?

The new cures continue to come from Adult stem cell research.  That is where the private investment is.  That is where the cures have all come from.  But Senator Shaheen is not interested in cures or she’d be happily reporting on any sign of a breakthrough.  No, she is paper thin.  Her support for stem cell research is focused on embryonic research, which has nothing to do with stem cell science and everything to do with the massive amount of support her campaigns have received from abortion advocates like Emily’s List.   Emily’s List tells Jeanne Shaheen to care about the scientific use of embryonic tissue, and the Democrat party tells her how.

They tell her to intimidate her opponents by comparing them to dark age alchemists, to imply that they are intellectual neanderthals.  But we’re not the ones with the empty promises and the blood on our hands.  That would be the Jeanne Shaheen “The Science Queen,” wrong on stem cells wrong on green.


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