Email Doodlings - "Ah yes, the generational redistribution plan!" - Granite Grok

Email Doodlings – “Ah yes, the generational redistribution plan!”

Again, from ‘Grok Loyal reader in Dayton: Social Security benefits increase

Skip – how is it that benefits increase when Middle America has lost 20% of their income over the last 4 yrs? I would have expected benefits to decrease, or at least freeze.

Why should grandma & grandpa get a raise when I got a paycut, my 401K tanked, and my property lost 1/3 of its value? And we won’t mention my GM stock getting wiped out, or the pending tax and healthcare premium increases waiting for me in 2013. Starting to boil over….

As well he should. My response: “Ah yes, the generational redistribution plan!”

Ah yes, the generational redistribution plan! What are you complaining about, man? Didn’t you know that this is the Promise that the politicians made for all of us to follow since the late 1930s? One of the crowning achievements of Progressivism – leave no dime untouched? Are YOU complaining about the Social Compact between the generations?Welcome to the biggest Ponzi scheme EVAH! This is what happens when those in Govt believe that they know how to care for your parents better than you and your siblings do.Especially when the foundations of this particular Ponzi scheme crumble:

  • Birth rates plummet (in part, why have the cost of lots of kids when they won’t have to support me in my old age – more $$ for me!)
  • The economy will always be better than the needs of the system
  • We won’t get caught with our Governmental hands in the cookie jar leaving worthless IOUs from spending that “fantasy lock box” $$
  • And grandma & grandpa have no clue that they are “stealing” from their kids and grandkids – trading direct financial independence on family to indirect financial dependence on everybody else in the future years!
  • It’s like the public sector unions who demand their money while the private sector plummets – only worse, ’cause there’s more of them demanding more in the SS paychecks!
  • They’ve built in a constituency that says “we will vote for those that keep our checks coming.”

Little do they know how close we are to those checks stopping altogether.

“Fearless Felix” Baumgartner jumped from the edge of space to set a new record (128K feet up). A 128,000 feet!   My, that’s high!

Too bad he couldn’t go higher and jump from the top of our $16 Trillion debt.