Benghazi-Gate now starting to make it into the campaign landscape?

Again, a recap: Ambassador Chris Stevens, IT specialist Sean Smith, and two former Navy SEALs (who lived and died by their oath to this country and each other) were murdered by Islamic Jihadis in Benghazi, Libya.  The requests for enhanced security rejected, the consulate was attacked on 9/11, 2012 and now the White House, Dept. of Defense, the CIA, and the State Dept are all denying that they were the entities that said “No” to a rescue.  With additional info swirling around that the White House was watching live feeds from airborne drones in near real time, a foreign version of Fast N’ Furious going on, the news is starting to leak out even as the mainstream press has sat on the story.

SEALs – they answered when the President called.  When they called the President – “You left them there to Die.  Abando5ras6yned”

And now Women United PAC has released this:

(H/T: BlackFive)