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Marshall ‘Lee’ Quandt Want’s To Be The Next Republican Speaker of the NH House…

Rumor has it that Marshall ‘Lee’ Quandt want’s to be the next Republican Speaker of the New Hampshire House……which is a huge problem, because Lee Quandt is not exactly a Republican to begin with.

Despite that barrier, and a public opposition to liberty, the scuttlebutt is that RINO Marshall ‘Lee’ Quandt still thinks he’d make a great speaker of the House, and he is already trying to build a coalition, and publicly endorsing other House Republican candidates who have told him they would back his move once the House meets to choose the next Speaker.

This is disturbing for several reasons.

First, Quandt has to have already sought and received some promise of backing from the House Democrat leadership for the role as House Speaker.  While this suggests that deep down Democrats know they cannot get the majority back in 2012 (which is a good thing), their goal of doing what they can to advance the tax and spend Democrat agenda in a Republican lead House is still a priority.  And let’s face facts; Lee Quandt could never get the votes in a Republican Majority House without the backing of far left Democrats.

I guess we can just call him this sessions Susan Emerson, with less experience and only a slightly better voting record than the Uber-RINO Emerson, but with the same goal of using the left side of the aisle to get the votes needed to win the job.

The second problem is that Lee Quandt thinks he can convince enough ‘Republicans’ in the New Hampshire House to give him the votes in a GOP majority House to get the job.  That’s disturbing.  But it is also instructive.  All we have to do is look at whom he is supporting to see some of the candidates who are supporting him.  it’s not a tell-all to be sure.  The RINO’s will back Quandt.  But who among the so-called liberty aligned candidates is he courting?  That tell will give us some inside information on whom to primary out if possible, or…who to have a sit down with about how they are campaigning compared to the kind of leadership they appear to be endorsing.

Honestly, if you like Lee, and think his RINO positions are what we need, then stand up and say so.  But if you hide your support you are no different than Democrats who have to lie to get elected and then run so far left you can barely see them from the center left of the spectrum.

So what’s the potential big picture?

He to be a safe enough stooge for the progressives in both parties to back.

They are hoping to take back enough seats to push some RINO into the speakers chair so they can then stall any further budgetary reforms, or even advance some left wing goals in the next two years.

But backing Quandt might be exactly what Bill O’Brien needs to win another role as Speaker of the House.   The moderates and libertarians he pissed off last session will have to think very hard about their ability to advance actual liberty if some spineless RINO like Marshall ‘Lee’ Quandt manages to trick his way to the Speakership.   If there are no other more viable candidates, Quandt could guarantee O’Brien a chance to finish the work we all started.

but I also think Democrats are hoping they already have an answer to that problem.  Keep Bill O’Brien from getting reelected in the first place.  The lefts union advocates and fellow travellers are reported to be spending insane amounts of money in Bill O’Brien’s district to keep him out of the NH House in the first place.  But if Bill wins anyway, what then?  Will they bail on Lee Quandt or cling to their designs to rule by minority with a RINO on high?

There are plenty of other RINO’s.  Someone could keep Quandt out of office.  Another strong Liberty Republican could rise to run for Speaker.  Quandt could read this post and deny all of it, even though I have solid inside information that he wants to be speaker and is rallying opposition to O’Brien as a means to get there.  I also know he is a 60% Republican who would sell out his own party to advance his progressive priorities.

That should be all any Republican needs to know about Lee Quandt.