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Joke: Three NH Democrats for Governor Walk Into A Debate…

Three NHDP stooges for Governor Maggie Hassan, Jackie Cilley, Bill Kennedy…all three of them want to raise your taxes.  But seriously folks….they do.  They all want to empower the state to take more of your money.  So what is there to debate? …How they disguise that desire.  But it is a distinction without a difference, or is that a difference without a distinction?

Whichever stooge you choose, Bill “No DGA if No Va-Jay-Jay” Kennedy, Maggie ‘Louisville Slugger’ Hassan (aka Bat Gurl), or Jackie “Tax and Spend us” Cilley, they all want to grow government right now, regardless of any economy, at your expense.

So Democrats need the debate to figure out which stooge will be the best liar?

All three of them want to pilfer your pockets to make the government bigger, but they don’t want to be too obvious about it before the election.   So a Democrat debate for governor is really just about what language they use to hide their true intentions because not a one of them (no Democrat in the entire state in fact) can answer the question, just how much more of our money do you need for your idea of a “proper” government and when is enough enough?

There is no answer becasue there can never be enough.  Government is never doing enough, it can never get too big, it can never interfere too much, it can never make too many decisions for you, therefore they will always need more of your money to pay for it, and every bigger budget is just the starting point for the next larger budget.

If you are not taking a ballot next Tuesday to pick some left wing stooge to run for governor, then you already know you can’t vote for any them.  Bill Kennedy, sorry to say, probably has no hope, which leaves both Cilley and Hassan who are far left ideologues with significant potential to do damage to the state and your liberty.

But they are having a debate about which Democrat gets to try an rob you blind if elected…and that’s no joke.


DGA – *Democrat Governors Association