"Obama's in." - Granite Grok

“Obama’s in.”

Ben Stein

Ben Stein wrote an interesting piece in The American Spectator today.

In it he makes various observations and comes to various conclusions, as follow:

* Let’s start with a few facts. A man made a cheesy movie about the being that Muslims call the Prophet Mohammed. That man is an American. He is operating in America. He has the full protection of the Constitution, including freedom of expression. Now, Muslim radicals…are rioting all over the Muslim world. Murdering people is a crime. Making a movie is not a crime. We start with that.

* In Barack Obama’s America, the man who made the movie is brought in for law enforcement questioning. This really happened just yesterday.

* No candidate can beat the combination of 95 percent of the African-American vote and 99 per cent of the MSM vote. So, Obama’s in.

* When republics fall, it’s not always slow. It can be like slamming a door. It is later than any dare think.

You can read the entire article HERE.