"Republican" Woman in Obama Ad...Has been a Democrat Since at Least 2006 - Granite Grok

“Republican” Woman in Obama Ad…Has been a Democrat Since at Least 2006

Obama Inc. has an Ad out in which ‘Republican Women’ tells us they were Republican but now voting for Barack Obama instead of Mitt Romeny.  Why?  Because they have a pile of War on Women meme’s to prop up.

Well at least one of these “Republican Women” (Maria Ciano) is probably voting for Obama because she has been a registered Democrat since 2006.  (that’s six years for Obama’s economists, accountants, and climate scientists.)

She might have been a Republican before that (we do not really know), but it hardly matters in an ad with the premise  that she is voting Democrat cuz Obama is so dreamy when it comes to vagina politics.  (/swoon)

Chalk up another win for the Obama Vetting machine.