GrokTV Event – Seacoast Republican Women Congressional Forum – Question 6 - Granite Grok

GrokTV Event – Seacoast Republican Women Congressional Forum – Question 6

And now for the last question of the night, formulated by Stella Scamman (moderator for the evening’s Seacoast Republican Women Congressional Forum).  The Candidates for this last question were in attendance were Rick Parent & Vern Clough vying for the Republican nomination in NH 1st Congressional District and   Will Dean & Dennis Lamare (“NO SHOWS” were Congressmen Frank “Stiffing the SRW at the last moment” Guinta and Charlie “It’s not worth my time” Bass).

Question 6: Are you aware of the UN Agenda 21 and if you are, what would you do to kill it?


  • Opening Ceremonies
  • Opening remarks: Rick Parent (NH First Congressional District)
  • Opening remarks: Dennis Lamare (NH Second Congressional District)
  • Opening remarks: Will Dean (NH Second Congressional District)
  • Opening remarks:Vern Clough (NH First Congressional District)
  • Question 1: What in your opinion is the primary function of the US Congress?
  • Question 2: Should the Federal tax code be reformed and if so, how?
  • Question 3: Would you support a change in the Second Amendment – why or why not?
  • Question 4: How will you work to reduce the debt limit?
  • Question 5: What is your opinion of the Common Core Standards that the Federal Govt is suggesting as a national curriculum?